What to do if Your Website Has Been Hacked?

Computer technologies are constantly evolving, leading to newer software protection systems, while malware also evolves in tandem. Websites are always vulnerable to hackers who inject malicious codes, causing corruption. As a web hosting service provider, safeguarding the integrity of stored information after a hacking incident is paramount. It’s crucial to understand that successful hacking not only involves injecting malicious code but also exposes user databases and sensitive information for potential misuse by hackers. Let’s explore an effective contingency plan to mitigate the aftermath of hacking on your websites.

Symptoms that Reveal Your Website is Hacked

Certain factors give you an insight that your website has suffered a hacking attack, and the code has been maliciously modified-

Recovering from an Attack

Once you have established that your website has malicious code files, you need to follow the below mentioned steps-

Preventing Future Hacks

It’s crucial for your hosting provider to implement a lockdown on your website to minimize the risk of future attacks. To ensure this, follow these steps: