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Access Control Systems

Tech Guru IT Solutions’ smart access control solutions enable building owners, tenants, and visitors to have a smooth, hassle-free journey. Our integrated technology provides a unified experience with high levels of access and security.

Choose us for cutting-edge technology, open access, and the highest level of security

The security of personnel and property is highly dependent on investing in the ideal access control technology. Since property owners want their facility to be as pleasant as possible while allowing employees and guests to pass through easily, maximum security against potential intruders must be ensured. Access control solutions from Tech Guru IT Solutions are exactly what is needed to achieve this balance of open access and high security.

Key Benefits of Access Control Systems


A technology for access control that increases user comfort and security while maintaining reliability and openness.


Support that is able to be adapted to the broadest array of credential technologies is available.


Creating solutions to enable organizations to effectively respond to current and upcoming security challenges.

Discover the Products That Best Suit Your Desired Access Control System

Mobile Access Solutions

Having access control via a mobile device that is both secure and user-friendly.

Touchless Access Control

Create a more secure work environment through the use of various contactless access control systems.

Smart Buildings

Protect people, property, and resources by utilizing reliable Internet of Things (IoT) services.


Readers that are superior in quality and capability for use in access control and biometric applications.

Cards and Credentials

The industry's offering boasts the largest range of open, card-based smart credentials available.


Controllers with a flexible, open-architecture design can provide security measures not only at the door, but beyond it as well.

5 reasons why to choose a Tech Guru IT Solutions access control system

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