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Would you like to work with an affordable and full-featured Linux server management service provider who can guarantee your complete security and provide 24/7 ad hoc server administration support? For Linux Server security and stability, the Tech Guru IT Solutions team is available to help your business and take it to industry best practices.

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For all variants of Linux servers, we provide complete server management services and troubleshooting solutions. By the term Server Management, we take complete maintenance of your systems under your watch and ensure that your servers are handled by authorized and highly experienced professionals. We promise you 100% uptime and a highly secure environment for your websites. In short, you are in the right spot if you require any kind of hosting or server help and render a server service operating at maximum efficiency. We also help you with specific plans for cPanel Server Management and Plesk Server Management.

Quick Response Time:

Tech Guru IT Solutions will respond to the customer’s needs in less than 30 minutes and listen to your server needs, queries, or issues. Tech Guru IT Solutions is known for its quick response time, and you can come to us for any needs as we always got your back.

Server Monitoring & Reporting:​

Your Linux server will always be up and running if you work with us. We emphasize key management areas like hardening and security, monitoring server logs 24/7 by expert technicians, installing and configuration of advanced firewalls, installing patches and updates, and troubleshooting server issues, etc.

Bulletproof Security:

We at Tech Guru IT Solutions guarantee that your Linux server will be secured as we provide you best security provision for Linux Server Management such as installing an advanced firewall, monitoring the server, anti-viruses, updating and patching on time, and any software installation that is needed.

Hardware Resource Management:

To configure and operate devices, a driver must manage hardware resources such as interrupt-request lines (IRQs) or I/O ports. We at Tech Guru IT Solutions provide complete hardware resource management services. You will get a complete package at Tech Guru IT Solutions. You only require to focus on flourishing your business.

Disaster Management:​


Tech Guru IT Solutions shaft disaster management by keeping your data information safe and we recover your complete data if the server is under any attack due to hackers, viruses, spam, or any other malicious entities. We confirm that we will protect your data in any circumstances without any loss.

Certified technical Expertise:

Tech Guru IT Solutions has the best technical support team who are well qualified, certified, and experienced. Providing an accurate solution to all your Linux server-related queries, our support team is highly responsive and on time. You can contact our support team through live chat, phone calls, or emails. Please feel free to contact us with any issues raised.

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Managed VPS Server

Managed VPS services, also known as Managed Virtual Private Server services, provide businesses with a hassle-free, reliable, and secure hosting solution. With this type of service, the hosting provider takes care of all the technical operations involved in maintaining a virtual private server.

Managed Dedicate Server

A managed dedicated server is a hosting service where the hosting provider takes care of all the technical aspects and administration of a dedicated server. A dedicated server is a physical server dedicated solely to one customer or organization, providing them with full control and resources.

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