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Best AMC Services for Offices, Home, Corporate and Business


Home & Business Computer/ Laptop AMC

TECH GURU IT SOLUTIONS AMC is a contract for routine maintenance at a pre-decided cost which is renewable on an annual basis. We are one of the best AMC Service Providers in Delhi.

Networking and Server Management

We provide Network Management Services for your Business. LAN and Infrastructure cabling management that keeps your network up and running properly and smoothly.

Data Center Break-fix Services & Rack Mounting

We have certified engineers for Data Center Breakfix. Like replacement of server parts, Racking, Stacking, Installation of Server, cabling, OS installation, etc.

Technical On-Remote Support Services

Technical On-Remote support service is one of the best ways to rid of minor issues effectively. We provide 24X7 technical Online support service.

Non-Comprehensive & Comprehensive AMC

We have Non-comprehensive and Comprehensive Computer AMC plans that suits our client’s need and budget.


TECH GURU IT SOLUTIONS AMC Services in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram & Ghaziabad. We provide solutions within the TAT without hangup your important work.

What responsibilities do our professionals fulfill when providing your computer AMC services?

The top priority for our professionals when providing your computer AMC services is to ensure they are completed efficiently, taking into account the three following criteria:

Performance issues

When performing checks on your desktop to identify any performance issues, we follow up with regular checks of its hardware. Should the professional carrying out the periodic inspection identify any problems impacting your desktop’s performance, they will take measures to address them.


The expert technicians of Tech Guru IT Solutions are always prepared to configure any kind of server, router, and firewall for their clients. Their networking expertise is unmatched and they have the know-how to provide top-notch IT solutions.

Facility Management

Our experts acquire the necessary hardware according to the customer’s demand. Additionally, if required, the technicians can assist in replacing any faulty computer parts that are still covered by the warranty.

What are the types of computer AMC
services rendered by us?

Tech Guru IT Solutions Computer team works on rendering two types of computer AMC services:

Non-Comprehensive Computer AMC services

For non-comprehensive computer maintenance services, customers are only responsible for costs related to any repairs or services of defective parts. No other costs are included in the non-comprehensive computer AMC services.

Comprehensive Computer AMC services

Comprehensive Computer maintenance services are free of cost, covering service and repairs of all parts, with no customer having to pay for either labor or any replaced components.


We are TECH GURU IT SOLUTIONS A team of certified professionals who have expertise in Personal Computer hardware and software technologies. We have been selling and supporting Personal Computers, Local Area Networks, Desktop, Server Platforms, and Application Software for more than 6+ year in 2018.
TECH GURU IT SOLUTIONS is a leader in call-based support and troubleshooting services for personal computers. We created the market for pay-per-use computer services in NOIDA, DELHI, Gurgaon ETC. Many other companies have imitated our business model, but we believe that they have not come even close to imitating our business philosophy.
Our services are being enjoyed by homes and businesses for more than Seven years. We have a combination of hardware, software and solution competencies. We are equipped to provide prompt, competent, reliable and honest service to our customers in their premises and at their convenience.

Our Other Services

Passive Networking

Passive networking refers to a type of network infrastructure where the network devices or components do not actively participate in managing or controlling the flow of data. Instead, they function mainly as transport mediums, passing along data packets without any interference or modification.

Server Management

Server management refers to the process of overseeing and maintaining the functionality, performance, and security of servers within a computer network. It involves a range of tasks aimed at optimizing server performance, ensuring data availability, and preventing issues and downtime.

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