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Tech Guru IT Solutions, recognized as one of the top dealers in Nehru Place Market, started with a mission to provide quality support services to corporate customers, aiming to become a leading IT infrastructure solution provider company.

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We Are Innovative IT Solutions & Services Company

We’re one of the highest-rated, most-loved technology services company in Delhi providing world-class IT support to SMBs and Enterprises, with a strong foothold in Nehru Place Market.
We do more than simply work for you in the transactional realm of technology. We become an addition to your team and a tactical partner.

Deep Industry Experience

We service clients across all sectors including financial, health, telecommunication, manufacturing and government sectors.

Global Expertise

By leveraging our global reach we’re able to provide best suited global solutions to our local customers.

Global Partnerships

Working with leading global alliances, we transform businesses.

Outcomes Focused

We partner with our customers to develop solutions that solve business problems.

Who We Are

Expert IT solutions for Your business

We’re one of the highest-rated, most-loved technology services company in Delhi providing world-class IT support to SMBs and Enterprises, with a strong foothold in Nehru Place Market. Our business model is built around keeping your tech support costs flat and predictable – which means that we work hard 24/7 to ensure that your IT infrastructure and tech stack is always operating smoothly and efficiently. Our full-service, Delhi IT support, managed IT, and development team can help your company with all aspects of its digital strategy.

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Our Story

TECH GURU IT SOLUTIONS​ was established in the year 2016, It is a Multi-functional company in the field of IT, prominently serving Nehru Place Market. It started with sales & purchase of assembled computers, peripherals, accessories, and UPS at very reasonable rates. We are also dealing with Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC), and networking, As well as also give the door to door IT solutions to our clients…….

Our Vision

Empowering tomorrow’s world through innovative technology solutions. Our vision is to lead the IT industry by delivering cutting-edge products and services, fostering a culture of creativity, and enabling seamless digital transformations for businesses worldwide. Embracing collaboration, sustainability, and excellence, we aspire to be the catalyst of progress in the ever-evolving digital landscape……..


Tech Guru IT Solutions has built its business on solid partnerships with leading manufacturers, service organizations, consulting firms, and technology partners to bring you best-in-class solutions. By leveraging our relationships and acting as a single point of contact, we strive to deliver a comprehensive IT solution that meets your business needs and helps your company grow…….

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to deliver the finest services which give each customer a sense of satisfaction. Being the best means “We provide outstanding quality systems evaluations for safety and standards.”

Be a globally reputed technology business enriching lives by creating value for stakeholders and being socially responsible.
Our mission is to deliver the best quality services possible in the quickest response time, customization of services, individual focus, content research, and development by which we can achieve our vision.” Provide globally cost-effective, best-in-class technology solutions and services to enable profitable growth through superior client service, innovation, quality, and promise by maintaining fairness, transparency, and ethical practices.
Create an atmosphere of success where there is freedom and empowerment which comes with ownership.


Our Story

Tech Guru IT Solutions Computer Consultancy embarked on its journey, offering services such as the assembly of hardware, maintenance, and peripherals. It was started by2 person, Hemant Kumar & Ashok Kumar. The name “Tech Guru IT Solutions” is derived from the first letters of the phrase “Keep Moving Forward with Technology,” signifying a commitment to progress and growth through the use of modern tools.

In 2001, Tech Guru IT Solutions released its Thin Client card, which was a scalable model. Despite Thin Client being a novel concept, acceptance was low initially. However, as the business gradually grew, Tech Guru IT Solutions earned the nickname “Thin Client Card Wala”.

Our Goals

Tech Guru IT Solutions's Journey Of Innovation

IT Consultancy & Network Solutions.
In 2016, our journey as "IT Consultancy & Network Solutions" began, with the purpose of offering innovative technological solutions to businesses. Our mission was to empower organizations with cutting-edge IT consultancy services and robust network solutions that would drive their success in the ever-changing digital landscape. We were committed to providing advanced IT consulting services that would help businesses stay ahead of the curve. Our focus was on delivering outstanding customer service, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. By combining our expertise with the latest technology, we aimed to transform businesses and help them succeed in the digital age.
Server and Storage Solutions.
In the year 2017, our IT enterprise embarked upon a significant and transformative journey that would culminate in the establishment of our status as a trusted provider of cutting-edge Server and Storage Solutions. Our unwavering dedication to innovation and our steadfast commitment to providing high-quality services have been the cornerstones of this journey.
IT Security and Ethical Hacking.

In the year 2018, our organization embarked on a crucial mission to strengthen the digital world, one byte at a time. What initially began as an IT company has since evolved into a more profound entity - a champion of IT security and ethical hacking. Our journey has been characterized by an unwavering dedication to ensuring the safety and security of the continually expanding digital landscape.

Elevating Success - Certified Partner of Microsoft & Google.
As a company in the IT industry, we have always strived to provide outstanding services to our clients. Our journey has been characterized by our expertise and an unwavering pursuit of excellence. We are pleased to announce our transformation from a promising startup to certified partners of two technology giants, Microsoft and Google. This certification from industry leaders shows our dedication to delivering top-notch services to our clients.
Domain & Hosting Solutions.
At the start of 2019, we expanded our services to cover a new area that prioritizes Domain, Email, Website Security, and Hosting Solutions. Our objective is to offer our customers a comprehensive selection of digital services that are personalized to suit their specific needs, guaranteeing that their online presence is safeguarded, effective, and tailored to their preferences. URL Link- https://techguruclub.com/
Rental Solution.
Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we expanded our business by introducing a new vertical that specializes in providing rental IT equipment and services. We aimed to shift the traditional paradigm for our clients by emphasizing leasing and rental options over hardware purchases. This initiative was designed to offer flexibility, cost-efficiency, and access to cutting-edge technology, which is aligned with evolving business needs and market demands.
Unveiling Our 2021 Triumphs: Partnering with Industry Giants to Supercharge Innovation.
As we near the end of 2021, we are proud to announce our official partnerships with industry leaders such as Cisco, Adobe, TP-Link, LogMeIn, and Trend Micro. These partnerships exemplify our dedication to delivering top-notch solutions, expanding our capabilities, and providing our clients with access to a diverse range of cutting-edge technologies and services.
Revolutionizing 2022: Unveiling Digital Transformer & Lookup Marketing - Your One-Stop Digital Solution Hub.
In mid-2022, we made a significant announcement by launching a new brand extension ( Digital Transformer and Lookup Marketing ) that includes Digital Marketing, Software Development, and Website Creation services. This move emphasizes our dedication to providing complete digital solutions to businesses. Our services are designed specifically to help companies flourish in the ever-changing online world, with customized marketing strategies and software and website development services.

Meet Real People

At Tech Guru IT Solutions, we understand the concept of success: it takes a team of hardworking, committed, and intelligent individuals to produce results. Our team of dedicated professionals comes from all walks of life, each committed to providing an innovative approach to their tasks, whether it be technical, research, or development-related. We are the juggle masters of the business world – never missing a beat despite the chaos, consistently prioritizing the necessary actions, and staying focused on reaching our goals. Behind every successful company, there is a team of people like us that make it all possible.

Hemant Kumar

Founder & CTO


IT Operation Head


Regional Service Head

Anish Shrivastava

Server Administrator L2

Mantu Rajak

System Administrator L3

Ravi Kumar Saini

Sales & IT Executive


Senior Web Analyst

Bhawender Singh

Network Analyst L1


E-Commerce Executive


Sales Executive


Sales Executive

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