Interactive Classroom Solutions

An interactive classroom acts as an information and communication platform by providing intuitive digital tools to fetch, create and share content. It is highly efficient in engaging the viewers and enriching the content creation and consumption capability in classrooms, training rooms, conference rooms, NOCs, open spaces, and beyond. Interactive classrooms promote active and interactive learning by creating a collaborative environment.In contrast to traditional rote learning, it stimulates creativity and is much more analytical.

Advantages of Lecture Recording System

Interactive Classroom


Advantages of smart teaching podiums


Advantages of white-board solutions

Advantages of Digital Teaching Devices


One-Stop Interactive Teaching

Our online education solution provides a comprehensive range of features, such as real-time communication, instant messaging, screen sharing, and an interactive whiteboard, to deliver a realistic learning experience and fulfill all teaching requirements.

Global Network Access Optimization

This system is deployed worldwide to provide users with easy access in their local area, achieving an overall latency of fewer than 300 milliseconds, a packet loss prevention rate of 80% or higher, and a jitter prevention rate of more than 1,000 milliseconds.

Ultra-Low-Latency Teaching Experience

It provides ultra-low latency of less than 1 second when streaming with a watch, synchronizing audio/video and whiteboard, allowing students to easily turn their microphone on and off in an audience of over 10,000 viewers, a global chat latency of fewer than 150 milliseconds, and a deliverability rate of 99.99%.

Easy and Quick Integration

The SDK process can be integrated in half a day, and you can be running the demo in just one minute, thanks to the scenario-based components provided by this tool.


One-to-One Online Teaching

Interactive Small Class

Interactive Big Class

AI Class

Online Programming

Online Study Room

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