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Storage solutions refer to various methods of preserving or organizing computer data in electromagnetic, optical, digital, or alternative formats. This can be done by storing the data locally within the facility, using external drives or remote devices, utilizing removable media, or storing it online through cloud services. In the case of extensive data quantities, businesses typically employ storage area networks (SANs), network-attached storage (NAS) devices, software-defined storage (SDS), or cloud-based storage.

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Our cloud storage solutions offer a reliable, cost-effective, and flexible environment for your data, suitable for both regular and cloud-based operations. We make it easy to access, provision, and deploy object, block, and file storage services. Our services also allow you to adjust capacity and optimize performance as your needs evolve – you only pay for the storage you need.

About Storage Solution


A Storage Area Network (SAN) is particularly useful for applications that require a lot of bandwidth, such as databases, imaging, and transaction processing. The distributed design of SANs enables them to provide superior performance and availability compared to other storage systems. This means numerous users can access the same data at the same time, without causing congestion on the LAN or the servers.


DAS is perfect for local file sharing within smaller areas, such as small businesses, individual departments, and workgroups. It is not suitable for sharing information over long distances or across a large organization. Smaller companies often use DAS for file serving and email, while larger organizations may combine it with NAS and SAN storage solutions


Organizations looking for a straightforward and inexpensive way to guarantee quick data access for multiple customers on a file basis may find Network-attached Storage (NAS) an optimal choice. Implementers of NAS will experience increased performance and efficiency gains.

With our Cloud Storage Services, we are able to provide you with services and support for your business

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Tech Guru IT Solutions Cloud Object Storage

This cloud storage and data encryption platform provides a reliable solution for archiving and backing up data, as well as retaining electronic records. Furthermore, it is designed to assist with meeting regulatory compliance standards.

Tech Guru IT Solutions Cloud Block Storage

Tech Guru IT Solutions Cloud block storage solutions offer features, persistence, and high performance. Obtain 16 TB of cloud storage with snapshot, replication, and IOPS allocations.

Tech Guru IT Solutions Cloud File Storage

This file-sharing solution, which is based on Network File System (NFS), can scale and is supported by flash storage. There are also endurance and custom performance provisioning tiers available.


Take advantage of our cost-efficient tiered options to maximize your cloud storage spending, and transfer your data between Tech Guru IT Solutions data centers without any additional fees.


Protect your data with Tech Guru IT Solutions Protect Services Key Management. Our Cloud Security features advanced FIPS 140-2 Level 4 hardware encryption for maximum protection.

Eliminate complexities

The automation of storage operations eliminates the need for manual tasks related to scalability and maintenance, allowing storage teams to focus on more strategic and business-critical issues.

Archives and backup data

Archival and backup data are essential to any enterprise. Strategies to store them vary, from local data center storage to remote removable media. Each has pros and cons, with access speed a critical factor.


Tech Guru IT Solutions Cloud Storage services provide businesses with secure, reliable, and costeffective cloud storage solutions. Our cloud storage solutions are designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, and are scalable to meet the changing demands of a growing business. With our cloud storage solutions, businesses can store and access their data on cloud storage servers located in secure data centers around the world.

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