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SAN Solutions

Maximize your service continuity and simplify your management with Tech Guru IT Solutions SAN. Design cost-effective and straightforward storage systems with reliable, high-performance capabilities for essential services.

A brand new SAN Manager

Tech Guru IT Solutions storage can help you create a high-performance iSCSI or Fibre Channel SAN (FC SAN) environment, allowing you to reap the benefits of improved management efficiency from start to finish.

Fibre Channel support

Tech Guru IT Solutions storage is the perfect way to create or expand a SAN environment utilizing Fibre Channel protocol, with its superior availability and low latency performance for mission-critical storage networks.

Cutting-edge LUN features

Advanced LUNs provide superior performance for virtual machines, allowing for rapid snapshot creation, recovery, cloning, and support for VMware® VAAI and Windows® ODX.

Intuitive management

The user-friendly management interface simplifies the process of connecting and granting permissions, even in extensive storage area network setups.

For large and small deployments

Tech Guru IT Solutions storage systems have support for both iSCSI and Fibre Channel, allowing them to be integrated into both small and large environments with ease.

Build your SAN with Tech Guru IT Solutions Storage

Tech Guru IT Solutions provides hardware solutions for various setups and objectives, ranging from small to large deployments and from emphasizing speed to cost consolidation.


Select the appropriate storage solution to support your virtualized workloads. Both all-flash and hybrid setups support 10/25/40GbE2 interfaces to maximize network bandwidth.

All-flash FS series

Provides the most optimal IOPS and latency for databases and analytics.

Hybrid storage

Utilizes SSD cache to create a perfect equilibrium between speed, cost, and storage capacity.


If your storage requirements increase, you can quickly and conveniently increase the memory size or storage capacity (up to 180 drives/1.5 PB raw capacity3) without halting existing services.


The integration tools and packages provided by Tech Guru IT Solutions, such as Storage Console, Storage Replication Adapter, and SMI-S Provider, simplify the process of managing and safeguarding virtual environments.

Management integration with Tech Guru IT Solutions Storage Console

System health monitoring

Stay one step ahead of potential problems by monitoring the health of Tech Guru IT Solutions storage directly from VMware® vCenter and Windows® without having to switch between different environments.

Streamlined datastore setup

Tech Guru IT Solutions makes configuring data stores a breeze! Just a few simple steps and you can create and connect to datastores in VMware® vCenter.

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