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What is DAS?

DAS stands for Direct Attached Storage. It is a type of storage system that connects directly to a server or computer using a high-speed interface, such as SATA, SAS, or Fibre Channel. Unlike network-attached storage (NAS), DAS provides a direct connection to the host, allowing for faster data transfer speeds and more secure storage.

Direct Attached Storage Solutions

Direct Attached Storage (DAS) connects storage devices directly to a server, either internally or externally via RAID, JBOD, and SCSI bus. Crossplatform environments often utilize Native File Access Protocols (NFAPs) to permit clients with multiple operating systems to access data. DAS is different from Network Attached Storage (NAS); NAS is only used to serve files, while a OES server executes eDirectory, NCP Server, and Novell Storage Services (NSS) to control user rights and space restrictions.

Planning Considerations for DAS

DAS solutions are an ideal storage option for smaller businesses and organizations with distributed networks, as they offer user access to stored data only when the server is online. Since attached disks are exclusive to servers, they are unable to be used for overflow or backup of other servers. More storage devices can be connected to the server by utilizing available slots on the SCSI bus; however, this could impact the I/O performance of the server if the bus becomes overloaded. As such, DAS solutions are generally most suitable for accommodating a few servers, each with several hundred gigabytes of data.

Expand your PC storage capacity with Tech Guru IT Solutions DAS

Expand your PC storage capacity with Tech Guru IT Solutions DAS

DAS Solutions for every requirement

Tech Guru IT Solutions Direct-Attached Storage (DAS) allows you to smoothly expand your PC storage space.

When you need to add extra storage to your PC …

Solve PC storage problems with DAS

Direct-Attached Storage (DAS) provides an easy way to boost the storage capacity of a single PC by connecting it directly via USB or another port. This is in contrast to Network-Attached Storage (NAS), which offers a variety of advanced functionalities and network access but is usually more complex to set up. For those who only need extra storage space for a single PC, DAS is the ideal choice.

Three key features of Tech Guru IT Solutions DAS

RAID Support

Tech Guru IT Solutions DAS offers support for various RAID levels to enhance performance and offer data protection.

Effortless Setup

The TR-004 requires no setup–simply plug and use! It even comes with an eject button for quickly removing it from the computer.

Simple Interface

The External RAID Manager from Tech Guru IT Solutions keeps an eye on your Direct Attached Storage system, drives, and health status. Whenever there’s a problem, it sends out an alert to your PC.

No additional system resources needed

The TR-004 external hardware RAID device operates on its own, without needing extra resources from the computer system. In comparison to the UX-500P expansion enclosure, the TR-004 requires fewer computer system resources.

Computer CPU Usage Comparison during random read and write operations

TR-004: Read
TR-004: Write
UX-500P: Read
UX-500P: Write

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