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Display solutions refer to technologies and systems designed to create digital displays for various applications. These solutions are used in a variety of settings, such as retail stores, trade shows, corporate offices, schools, and more. Tech Guru IT Solutions have the right display for all needs & applications: simple displays, touch displays, LED & video walls, interactive whiteboards, & digital signage. Our experts will advise you on size, brightness, tech & application to find the right display for your company.

Remove obstacles in corporate communications by utilizing the ideal digital signage solution.

Digital signage has a wide range of applications and is as customizable as the content you choose to display. With digital media content, it is easier to convey your message precisely and exactly where it is needed.


Welcome your guests with a personalized greeting on the signage in your reception area.


Make sure your visitors always know where they are going.

Employee communication

Utilize a central authoring system in the cafeteria to quickly and easily ensure that your employees remain informed of the latest developments.

Modern communication hits home

Reception – Make sure to share your company's business card!

Welcome your business partners, customers, and suppliers with our solutions to create an impressive experience.

Employee communication

Employees can be quickly and easily informed of company information, today’s menu, or the latest trends using displays.


Modern orientation and guidance systems are user-friendly and have an attractive visual design.

Our portfolio offers various display solutions:


Our selection of displays from trusted manufacturers come in all shapes and sizes, so you can be sure to find the perfect one for your media technology installation or conference room. We can help you decide on the best size, brightness, technology, and application for your needs.

Video Wall

Video walls are ideal for both indoor and outdoor large-scale visualizations, as they offer a flexible and imaginative way of displaying content. Furthermore, when equipped with the necessary collaboration tools, they can be utilized for interactive collaboration.

Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards allow teams to collaborate on projects and documents using methods such as writing, sketching, annotating, and presenting. We have a wide variety of digital whiteboards, collaboration boards, and multi-content canvases to choose from.

Digital Workplace

Collaboration tools can facilitate unrestricted communication and collaboration between employees, customers, and external partners, both inside and outside of the business. Through the cloud, projects and data may be shared, and content can be generated, modified, and distributed.

LED Wall

Fine Pixel LED walls guarantee vivid, high-contrast photos with excellent color quality. These walls can be used in a variety of places, from conference rooms to concert halls, shopping malls to office receptions – the possibilities are endless!

Digital Signage

The use of digital media content in advertising and information systems, such as electronic posters, digital door signs, interactive customer guidance systems, or large-screen projections, is an efficient and cost-effective way to reach intended audiences.

Benefits of Display in the Workplace

In today’s ever-evolving business environment, communication and collaboration are essential. Digital technology is revolutionizing the way people work, with many meetings now including participants working with tablets, laptops, and smartphones. Furthermore, many individuals are now employed on a hybrid schedule, working both in-person and remotely. Organizations can create a more unified and efficient workspace by incorporating interactive whiteboards into their meeting rooms. This allows all participants, both in-person and remote, to easily share and access information via their personal devices, resulting in improved productivity and collaboration.

Let’s examine the advantages that interactive whiteboards can offer to your business.


Utilizing an interactive whiteboard in a boardroom, conference room, or training session requires minimal setup and no special instruction. It is user-friendly and provides a variety of ways to show information in a more engaging manner. Simply link your tablet, laptop, or smartphone to the display for a larger presentation that is visible to all participants, whether they are in the room or joining remotely.


Many interactive displays come with numerous helpful pre-installed apps and can be quickly connected to cloud services that users already know. Wireless connection allows users to share and work on documents together using their own gadgets in real-time, thus allowing for Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) and Bring-Your-Own-Meeting (BYOM) to be used in the workplace.

Increased productivity:

Modern interactive displays installed in conference rooms can help teams complete projects more quickly. This is because these displays provide capabilities for collaboration that were not possible a decade ago. The updated technology has improved digital collaboration and eliminated many of the issues that meetings used to experience with outdated technology. With the current collaborative work style, everyone, whether they are remote or onsite, can be more productive when the conference room equipment is working optimally

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