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What is Network Attached Storage?

Network-attached storage (NAS) is dedicated file storage that allows multiple users and heterogeneous client devices to retrieve data from centralized disk capacity.

Tech Guru IT Solutions provides more than a centralized network location for data storage. Our NAS also allows you to build a private cloud that allows you to store, access, backup and share files easily and securely.

Intelligent data management on your private cloud

Store, archive, and process petabytes of data

Tech Guru IT Solutions Network Attached Storage offers a range of models and expansion units that can accommodate any storage capacity, from small file volumes to petabytes of data. Businesses can start with a smaller system and gradually expand their storage by adding larger drives or expansion units as their data grows, without any additional monthly fees.

Sync and collaborate on files between offices and teams

Tech Guru IT Solutions’ cross-office file management solutions make collaboration and file updating easy for hybrid and remote teams. Our solutions ensure that files are always kept up-to-date by syncing data across multiple sites, enabling everyone to access the most current versions.

Shield data against ransomware attacks

Deploy Tech Guru IT Solutions Network Attached Storage as a secure file storage option, equipped with efficient backups and snapshot technology that provides the ability to restore files to a previous version in the event of ransomware attacks or accidental deletion.

Protect business endpoints and infrastructure

Keep your business running smoothly with Active Backup Suite. Easily plan and execute custom backup tasks for PCs, physical servers, virtual machines, and SaaS applications with no worries about IT staffing. Ensure that your data protection plan is efficient and reliable.

Maintain physical security with video surveillance

Surveillance Station offers an efficient and user-friendly way to protect your physical assets with a reliable surveillance system, regardless of the size of your premises. This system provides real-time updates and alerts, is compatible with a variety of IP cameras and I/O modules, and can be managed remotely.

Build your cloud with Tech Guru IT Solutions

Customize storage to fit your needs

With Tech Guru IT Solutions Network Attached Storage, you can now securely store all your data in terabytes at home, without worrying about any monthly charges associated with cloud storage. Our NAS and expansion units are compatible with a wide range of hard disks (HDD) and flash drives (SSD), so you can easily adjust and expand your storage to meet your requirements.

Access and share your files intuitively

A Network Attached Storage from Tech Guru IT Solutions is the perfect choice for effortlessly storing, accessing and sharing data. With its fast upload speeds that match the speed of your local connection, secure sharing links for quick sharing, and access from any browser, desktop, or mobile device, you can easily manage your data.

Back up your PCs and Macs automatically

With Tech Guru IT Solutions Drive private cloud, you can keep files synced across all your devices. It also provides the ability to restore documents to a prior version should anything go wrong. For macOS users, Time Machine can be utilized to back up files to the Tech Guru IT Solutions NAS.

Secure your home with private video surveillance

Ensure the safety of individuals and assets with Tech Guru IT Solutions Surveillance Station’s robust and user-friendly suite of security solutions. Compatible with numerous IP cameras, this surveillance system even allows you to keep an eye on your home from anywhere with a convenient mobile application.

Get started

Begin improving the efficiency and security of your business by following these recommended models.

All Flash Array

Increase the speed of business processes with the reliable power of Solid State Drives.

High Scalability

Equip your business with enterprise storage solutions that can store petabyte-level datasets and data warehouses while offering high scalability.

General Purpose Storage

Develop a storage solution platform that is both flexible and cost-efficient for your business.

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