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What is email security?

Email security is a multi-layered approach for safeguarding emails against cyber attacks, preventing unauthorized access to email accounts, and protecting the content of emails. It involves several measures to ensure a secure email environment.

Types of Email Attacks

Cyber criminals have a variety of tactics which they employ to target emails and cause serious harm to an organization’s data and/or reputation. Malware, which is a form of malicious software used to harm or manipulate devices or their data, can be installed through the following attacks:


Phishing is a type of cyberattack that tries to trick users into revealing sensitive information such as account numbers, credit card details, or login information. This is done by sending unsuspecting targets a text, direct message, or email posing as a trusted individual or organization. There are three types of phishing: spear phishing which targets specific people; regular phishing which targets a wider group possibly using suspicious links; and whaling which is intended for a knowledgeable individual high up in the organization, using a message from someone they trust.


Phishing is a type of cyberattack that attempts to deceive users into giving up personal and sensitive information. The attacker pretends to be a trusted entity or individual, using a text, direct message, or email to target the user. This false relationship is then used to gain access to account numbers, credit card details, login credentials, and other confidential data. There are three primary types of phishing attacks: spear phishing, regular phishing, and whaling. Spear phishing utilizes a tailored attack against a specific individual, while whaling targets high-level personnel within an organization by impersonating someone they trust. Regular phishing, on the other hand, is a more general attack aiming to collect information from numerous users.


Spoofing is a dangerous type of email threat because it tricks the receiver into believing the email has come from someone other than the actual sender. This makes it an effective tool for Business Email Compromise (BEC). Email platforms are unable to discern a genuine email from a fraudulent one, since they simply review the metadata that the attacker has altered. This makes it simple for attackers to impersonate a person that the victim is familiar with or holds in high regard.

Email Security

Email Security Best Practices

In order to protect email traffic from ransomware, an advanced malware designed to steal sensitive data and infect multiple endpoints, an email protection plan should incorporate the following best practices in real time:

  1. A spam filter is able to recognize and separate out messages that are considered spam, preventing them from entering your inbox or categorizing them as junk mail.

Email encryption can hide the content of corporate emails by transforming communication into an incomprehensible string of characters, numbers, and symbols that cannot be interpreted by someone who intercepts it.

Antivirus protection scans through emails and attachments to look for any viruses, and if anything suspicious is found, the user is alerted.

An SEG (Secure Email Gateway) scans emails and blocks any which violate the rules set by an IT administrator, thereby safeguarding against any potentially dangerous emails.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an important tool in the prevention of data breaches and unauthorized access to systems, as it requires users to provide more than one form of authentication to verify their identity and authorize them to gain access.

Employees can be taught to recognize social engineering, phishing, and other malicious activities that are commonly carried out via email.

The benefits of email security

By prioritizing email security, businesses of all sizes can help to safeguard their employee communication and reduce the risk of cyberthreats. An email security solution can help to:

Email Security
Email Security

How Tech Guru IT Solutions Can Help

Tech Guru IT Solutions can help protect your email communications from threats like phishing, spam, malware, and other disruptive elements with its secure email gateway (SEG) technology. Utilizing a message transfer agent (MTA) or application programming interface (API), this technology monitors both inbound and outbound communication and scans emails for signs of malicious content based on the security policies set by your IT team. Additionally, it applies encryption to make sure any sensitive information stays out of the hands of prying eyes.

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