Understanding Digital Agencies Pain Points: Hosting

Imagine you’re managing an online campaign for a prestigious client, and during a surge in web traffic, your platform becomes unresponsive. At this point, you may encounter issues in one of the following areas:

Unmanaged Hosting

Opting for an unmanaged hosting platform can lead to unexpected failures due to the lack or minimal availability of hosting services in your plan.


If you have mistakenly chooses unreliable cloud platform then you will be faced failure of service anytime and it will hurt your main business

Unexpected Downtime

The unreliable and unmanaged cloud platform will cause unexpected downtime of you servers over cloud. The above scenario may happen due to unexpected downtime of your cloud resources

Not Scalable

Having elasticity in cloud resources is crucial as it allows you to scale your cloud infrastructure either horizontally or vertically whenever necessary. This flexibility ensures cost optimization and ensures that resources are available when needed.

Lack of Security

The situation described above could arise due to inadequate security measures. Unmanaged cloud platforms often lack robust security mechanisms to prevent hacking, DDoS attacks, and other threats. Implementing a separate security mechanism is essential to protect your cloud infrastructure from specific security threats.

High risk of Data loss

Losing data from a specific cloud instance on an unmanaged platform can result in the failure of the entire infrastructure during peak workloads.

Server Management

Unmanaged cloud platforms can create ambiguity regarding server management. It’s often unclear who will be responsible for managing the server and how to achieve optimal results while using the cloud infrastructure.

You really need

Final Word

In the given scenario, avoiding problems can be achieved by making informed choices and selecting appropriate supporting modules that ensure the features mentioned for your cloud infrastructure. Opting for a reputable public cloud platform with managed services is the solution to alleviate pain points and facilitate seamless core business operations.